The favorite place for domestic travel is Okinawa.


I love to travel and I am going on a trip with my free time and money.

I love to travel and I am going on a trip with my free time and money. The best thing I have ever traveled is ""Miyazaki Prefecture"" and ""Hokkaido"". Wild horses live in Miyazaki prefecture's southernmost point, but wild horses live, but wild horses spending relaxing with the scenery of the ocean overlap and felt the majesty of nature. Although it is not a well-being, the scenery of Tokyo cape is recommended. And actually, I have been to Hokkaido twice last year. The first time I go to Hokkaido for the first time Gururi journey for the second time I want to fish for a week I go fishing for a week We go to Doko Hokkaido and the scenery is good and the air is good and the food is delicious. Salmon, Camembert cheese ice, seafood bowls on birthday! Mecha was delicious! It is! It is! However, my recommended food is neither Hokkaido nor Miyazaki. One of the tuna in Aomori Okama is famous for fishing. A farmer run by a fisherman there. There are sea urchins and pomponsaki are the best delicious. Pompong grilling is a small squid dish, but the squid there was very soft, sweet and delicious. When leaving the great deal, I brought lots of things out on all means By all means, please try eating pompon grill when I go to the huge.