The favorite place for domestic travel is Okinawa.


In my home, the high-speed fee has reached 1000 yen and I am planning to w...

In my home, the high-speed fee has reached 1000 yen and I am planning to win Japan. I have not gone a long way yet but recently I went to Tochigi prefecture. I think that there was no idea to go to Tochigi all the way when it was normal. Although I thought of Tochigi only the monkey army corps of Nikko did not come up to me but left all my travel plans to my husband and took me to the Kegon Falls without going to sunshine. Although I am not very interested in waterfalls and scenery and I am traveling, I like amusement parks that can be enjoyed with kids or urban citizens, but although Kegon Falls are really beautiful and just being looking, I feel the amazingness and beauty of nature It was. It was nice to see such a wonderful scenery not seen in overseas Japan, but I felt the beauty of Japan unique to Japan, the children were also taken in a spectacular scenery that was not made, and was watching eyes. As an aside we are leaving sketches of the scenery etc that remained in our heart while doing Japanese domination in our house. Unlike photographs, I think that I will never forget to draw my own feeling. From now on I would like to see lots of wonderful views of Japan. Japan domination We are looking forward to where we will take next.

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