The favorite place for domestic travel is Okinawa.


I am a domestic traveler.

I am a domestic traveler. Overseas, I think that it may be touched on a different culture from Japan, but it is easy to go in the same country and there are also discoveries. I also like to look at the beautiful cityscape in Kyoto and Kobe, I also like to touch Nature like Oze. The scenery I remembered most was the scenery in Hokkaido that I went with my husband on my honeymoon. I went to see the Noboribetsu Bear Farm and touched the culture of Ainu and I think that was the way back. I got lost a little for a moment and watched while watching a car rental car. At that time, I noticed that there was an ocean in the vicinity, so we decided to drop by a bit. Enjoy the scenery, then get home, then get in the car, run out, a while ago, the scenery I saw. The sunset came down and the sea was shining orange. Both clouds and sky are dark blue and orange gradations. Of course, there are no electric poles that block the view, of course, a beautiful ocean that goes on forever. I thought that Hokkaido is really expansive, I definitely wanted to come to Hokkaido to see this scenery, it was a scenery that made me think.

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